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Roof Cleaning

If your roof is covered in moss and lichen not only does it look unsightly it can lead to problems with the roof itself.
Here at House Proud Property Services we can clean your roof of moss and treat the roof with a biocide that is fully biodegradable which will help prevent the moss and lichens returning quickly. Once the moss and lichen are under control a routine treatment every few years is all it will take to keep your roof clean.

Generally we use a soft approach to roof cleaning. Using our portable scaffold tower we manually remove the majority of the moss with the use of various tools attached to a telescopic pole. With this method we have no need to set foot on your roof removing the possiblility of damaging your roof tiles through foot traffic. A biocide is then sprayed onto the roof killing all remaining moss, lichen and algae spores. After approximately 72 hours the biocide will have fully biodegraded leaving no enviromental footprint. The use of a biocide is fundamental in the process, without it the moss and lichen will rapidly grow back.

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With the full roof cleaning service the clearing of all gutters is included as standard. If you would like to know more about this service please give us a call to arrange a site visit where we would be happy to provide you with a free no obligation fixed quote.

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