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Window Cleaning Surrey

The techniques for window cleaning have changed somewhat over the years with increased concerns for Health and Safety. We use the Water Fed Pole system for all window cleaning services, keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

The system utilises pure water technology using reverse osmosis to produce 99.9% pure water. The pure water is pumped up the extendable poles to a brush where the window are scrubed clean and then rinsed down with the pure water carrying all the dirt away with it. After cleaning the windows are left wet but when the pure water evaporates it leaves no marks and a crystal clear finish.

If you haven't used this technique before and are unsure about it's effectiveness we offer a free demo to new customers.

Testimonials for Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

"I was very impressed with the quality of the cleaning process and the fact that the windows have stayed cleaner for far longer than they used to with previous cleaners. Tom was very courteous, tidy and efficient. I would definitely recommend him." Window Cleaning Customer in London, 26 May 2011

External window cleaning

"On time. As quoted. Great job. Booked for next time... " Window Cleaning Customer in Ashtead, Surrey 2 February 2011

Window Cleaning Using Pure Water

"Tom is great a real asset to have in your phonebook. I've struggled to find a decent window cleaner for years. Friendly, courteous and absolutely professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him." Window Cleaning Customer in Hampton, 18 November 2010